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Your Manager Wants It, NormShield Has It

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Normshield, Upper management is always keen on seeing colorful graphs and have a particular tendency towards Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators. This is not out of nothing, obviously. Managers need SLA and KPI data in order to make smart decisions about future investments, planning and such.

Your Manager Wants It, NormShield Has It

There are many challenges in setting up a sound information security program. Funding is one of them, rightly. But one another of these challenges is measuring the results and proving the program is successful.

Normshield provides easy-to-consume magic numbers for proving your program needs. One of the KPI graphs is shown below. It shows a risk trend for new, cascading and fixed vulnerabilities, in other words, weighted vulnerability trend. You can easily find out the number of vulnerabilities newly found, carried forward and fixed in a specific month.

Another keen graph Normshield provides is the SLA of vulnerabilities. Here every single closed vulnerability is shown against the number of days they stayed opened. Moreover, average number days vulnerabilities stay open is also shown each separated for a single severity level.

These clickable graphs also let you drill further down to the vulnerability detail level. These are just two of the graphs you’ll be able to see and present where necessary using Normshield dashboard.