Why Normshield

The Benefits

  • Clear and actionable executive view of data in easy-to-consume letter-grade color-coded scorecard
  • Saves time by taking the load from the shoulders of information security / quality assurance teams
  • Increases intelligent security work power by only outputting virtually false-positive free security automatically prioritized findings
  • Consolidates and aggregates vulnerabilities from manual analysis and different scanning engines
  • Presents detailed reports for mitigation and high level graphics for managerial parties
  • Continually optimizing data sources being used to assess and present cybersecurity posture
  • Makes scanning comprehensive by using both manual analysis and more than one automatic vulnerability scanners
  • Relieves your CAPEX and OPEX budget by reducing server, software license and labor costs!
  • Enables you to react quickly before vulnerabilities turn into successful hacks.
  • Broad view of cybersecurity environment with the cyber ecosystem risk manager

The Highlights

  • Your assets are defined through simple and easy to understand interfaces and prioritized by you.
  • Your assets are scanned with more than one security scanners and findings are managed from a centralized dashboard.
  • Dashboard includes quality and meaningful graphs about including but not limited to SLA and KPI.
  • The scans are scheduled in a flexible manner and managed according to your company's needs.
  • Data at rest is secured through asymmetric encryption at the database level.
  • Your assets are scanned against vulnerability categories including but not limited to OWASP Top 10.
  • The false-positive elimination is processed by security experts leaving you with false-positive free vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability categorization and normalization processes are handled with ease in order to provide uniformity through out the system.
  • Critical vulnerabilities are fed into SIEM solutions in your SOC scope
  • DNS, SSL, domain and service information belonging to your assets are constantly monitored and any changes are notified through alarms.