Third Party Cyber Risk Monitoring

3D Vendor Risk @ Scale®

3D Vendor

NormShield’s high-quality data platform communicates risk using three dimensions – a technical grade, compliance with open standards,
and the financial impact (FAIR).

Vendor Sorting Dahboard


Know which vendors are most susceptible to a cyber event on a continuous and automated basis. NormShield helps prioritize the inclusion of third parties based on their technical cyber risk score, compliance level, or probable financial impact resulting from a breach. Every third party in your ecosystem is continuously monitored and easy to access with the “at-a-glance” dashboard, including direct alerts for any changes to a vendor’s risk levels.

How to Share With Vendor v2


NormShield’s platform provides an opportunity for both corporate executives and third parties to work together to mitigate cyber risks and eliminate false positives. Each report can be shared with any third party in your ecosystem, allowing them to see what you see. A NormShield SOC analyst is always on hand to review changes and remediation requests.

Strategy Report and Ticketing


NormShield’s Strategy Report shares feedback for executives to understand their cyber risk posture and scale return on cybersecurity investments. The report provides simple steps to help remediate issues and mitigate cyber risks with suppliers and partners.

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