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The Basics

The Basics

The Basics; Here are some of the key points that NormShield is here to help on your journey of struggling with vulnerabilities;

  1. The ability to define and prioritize your assets with the granularity of IP (public and private, yes your DMZ/Intranet IP addresses if you wish so), domain, sub-domain, URL and sub-URL
  2. The ability to schedule scans with various pre-defined policies
  3. The ability search/report/interact through found and manually checked vulnerabilities

These are pretty much similar to all continuous vulnerability scan models in the market.

However we have more;

  1. The ability to configure port and service scans and get alarms for any change
  2. The ability to configure domain & ssl certificates monitor scans and get alarms for any change
  3. The ability to configure SSL weakness scan and get a grade of your HTTPS-enabled web domains and, as usual, alarms for any change
  4. The opportunity to consume aggregated vulnerability data with uniform naming through out all the scanners