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Vulnerability Scanners vs. Cyber Risk Scoring Solutions

“Why would I need a cyber risk scoring solution when I already have a vulnerability scanner?” We get this question a lot. Cyber Risk Scoring Solutions such as NormShield Scorecards are in high demand to see what hackers see when they look at your network. These solutions are new in the cybersecurity marketplace and many […]
NormShield Threat Vulnerability Orchestration

Unified Vulnerability Management

Unified Vulnerability Management; Security professionals usually apply penetration testing once a year but there are ~13000 new vulnerabilities discovered every year. Besides developers deploy new applications almost every month, 20K+ personally identifiable information (PII) leaks every week, hundreds of hackers scan every single possible port on entire Internet every day! Even a small mistake or […]
Ecosystem Cyber Risk Manager

Passive Vulnerability Scan & Early Notice for Non Remotely Scannables

Passive Vulnerability Scan; Vulnerabilities such as MS15-034 are big deal for information security specialists who have to keep up with the critical security patches on high pressure business environments. In one hand they know that the cat is out of bag and they have to find out their vulnerable servers, however, on the other hand […]
NormShield Threat Vulnerability Orchestration

Vulnerability One Stop Shop

Vulnerability; What would you expect to see when confronted with a vulnerability in a vulnerability management service? The answers vary of course. However, there are fundamental data and knowledge that shouldn’t be missed when representing a vulnerability; Vulnerability The vulnerability name Generic knowledge defining the vulnerability category in detail The severity of the vulnerability The […]
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Normalization Of Vulnerability Nomenclature

Finding a vulnerability and naming a vulnerability are two different phenomena. Finding a high-profile high-severity vulnerability requires a clever mind, diligence and of course experience. However, finding an expressive and good name for that vulnerability requires other abilities, that’s for sure. Normalization Of Vulnerability Nomenclature There are many security vulnerability names that don’t really express […]