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What is “Cyber Risk” in Third-Party Risk Management?

Continuing our series of third-party risk management, this blog’s topic is cyber risk. In a digital world, organizations are exposed to a range of risks resulting from cyber events like phishing, data theft, ransomware, corporate espionage, etc… What’s more, these events might happen beyond the company’s knowledge. Within a company ecosystem, the effect of a […]
Outsmart Your Hackers

Outsmart Your Hackers

The simple truth: you are being targeted right now by a range of hackers from young-age script kiddies to sophisticated state-sponsored agents. They all have one thing in common, they are looking for a way to disrupt your business. When hackers identify their targets, they first conduct cyber reconnaissance. they quietly scan and map your […]
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3rd Party Risk Management

3rd Party Risk Management; Many organizations have been talking about the third-party risk management for years and it is becoming more complex every day and attracting a lot of attention from the regulators. Most organizations have direct and/or indirect spendings on multiple vendors across the globe that make risk management more complex due to dealing with […]