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Free Training Series

Free Training Series! Introduction to Ethical Hacking

The first session of the free cyber security training series had a full house. This course introduced the Hacker Mindset with fundamentals of metasploit and kali linux and covered “Scanning and Reconnaissance” by using nmap, Stealth Scan tools, the-harvester, maltego and Passive Information Gathering tools.
NormShield Threat Vulnerability Orchestration

Unified Vulnerability Management

Unified Vulnerability Management; Security professionals usually apply penetration testing once a year but there are ~13000 new vulnerabilities discovered every year. Besides developers deploy new applications almost every month, 20K+ personally identifiable information (PII) leaks every week, hundreds of hackers scan every single possible port on entire Internet every day! Even a small mistake or […]
Normshield Agent

Normshield Integrate with that SIEM

NormShield on-premises is a Unified Vulnerability Management (UVM) tool that helps companies to manage their technical vulnerabilities which is a very complex task in our scarce ITSec professional existing world. Since the SOCs are popular and important to corporate security, one of the slick features that NormShield UVM has is the ability to deferentially communicate […]
normshield manage risk

NormShield is Hiring ASP.NET MVC Developers

NormShield needs junior or senior level web developers with ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework skills. The position is for ongoing web interfaces of NormShield cloud and intranet version development. The prospective employees will have the chance to work in an ongoing project in a team of expert developers for corporate end-users. Please send your applications to […]
About Normshield

SLA Calculations with NormShield

NormShield; A service-level agreement (SLA) is mainly about a delivery time contract between a service provider and the end user that defines the level of service expected from the service provider. SLAs are one of the most important factors that get the job done in companies and enterprises, moreover it’s a key aspect of unified […]
Fraudulent Domains

Introducing NormShield Hotpoint

NormShield solution can be utilized both on and off premises. Off-premises is easy to use with no extra effort since it’s cloud base. On-premises version needs to be updated as NormShield evolves and for, why of course, bugfixes. Here’s the main interface of NormShield Hotpoint, as the name implies, of which you can use for; […]
normshield manage risk

Hiring for NormShield!

Hiring for NormShield! Howdy to all pythonistas out there! We need a developer who like and already devoured the Zen of Python. The position is for our ongoing process of our cyber intelligence technology. If you want to deal with big data, keen for solving hard problems, this one is definitely for you. Long story […]
normshield passive threat scan

Your Manager Wants It, NormShield Has It

Normshield, Upper management is always keen on seeing colorful graphs and have a particular tendency towards Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators. This is not out of nothing, obviously. Managers need SLA and KPI data in order to make smart decisions about future investments, planning and such. Your Manager Wants It, NormShield Has It […]