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Social Network Monitoring

Social media Reputation

Social networking sites can be considered as an innovation in social connectivity. In general, social networking sites are used for good reasons: people keep in touch with loved ones and friends, sharing important moments of their life and marketing for their business etc. However, hackers, criminals, and other dishonest actors are abusing this capability for evil purposes.

Most successful or planned hacking activities are publicized in social media. Therefore, it is really important for companies to be aware of potential attacks before they lunched. The company brand is being tracked by NormShield through social media against successful or planned hacking attempts.

Social Network Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring engine instantly monitors social network sites such as twitter, reddit, github, facebook fan pages, google+ etc for your specified words, domains and credit card bins etc. The result is correlated with customer assets in order to detect a potential data leakage or a possible cyber-attack. By the help of having this knowledge, the customer prepares itself for a possible attack such as putting DDoS protector into mitigation mode rather than monitoring mode.

If any suspicious activity detected for the customer, alert is generated on NormShield and customer is notified.