Self Risk Assessment

See what hackers already know about you.

NormShield® uses the same open-source intelligence tools and techniques hackers use. We have hundreds of data collectors, crawlers, and honeypots continuously collecting information from internet-wide scanner databases, reputation sites, cyber events, hacker shares, and known vulnerability databases. NormShield gathers data in a non-intrusive way and does not touch or scan company networks, cloud applications or websites. Data is classified into security categories and advanced algorithms. It performs contextualization and analysis that converts data into risk intelligence and generate easy to understand reports and dashboards.

Many organizations and companies take countermeasures to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches. The on-site products and solutions provide an inside-out perspective. You need the complete picture with continuous risk monitoring and easy-to-understand risk assessments.

About Normshield

See the complete picture of cyber risk exposure

When hackers identify their targets, they first conduct cyber reconnaissance. They quietly scan and map company internet footprints, discover cloud and web applications, collect stolen credentials, and identify critical data and assets without being noticed. Hackers then leverage open-source intelligence resources like internet-wide scanners, deep and dark web, social networks, search engines, leaked database dumps, and even legitimate security services. Better protect your company from cyber attacks and understand the weaknesses hackers see with a NormShield cyber risk assessment.

Continuous scan

NormShield® continuously assesses an organization, captures critical information in the cyber risk dashboard and provides detailed drill-down capabilities to fully understand each risk. Ongoing monitoring surfaces PRIORITIZES risks and measures cyber risk posture improvement over time.

Cyber Risk in Financial Terms

NormShield® uses the Open FAIRTM model to calculate the probable financial impact (risk) in an organization if a cyber event occurred, in order to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of loss exposure. FAIR has become the only international standard Value at Risk (VaR) model for cybersecurity and operational risk.

Evaluate. Remediate. Verify.

NormShield® provides cyber risk scores to help executives understand cyber security posture and scale return on cyber security investments, and provides detailed technical data and recommendations to help security information personnel remediate issues and mitigate cyber risks.

Subsidiary Scan Option

NormShield® allows organizations to view the risk posture of enterprise subsidiaries. For example, you can see the risk posture of AWS instead of Amazon’s retail stores, or if you are a state government you can easily assess municipalities, sub-departments, districts, and other subsidiaries.

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