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Normshield on the Road: Richmond, Arlington, Baltimore

Normshield on the Road Candan Bolukbas

Normshield on the Road; Come see our presentation this month at Angelbeat. After a great couple of shows in New York we’re prepping to do it again at the end of March with stops in Richmond, Arlington and Baltimore.  You can see the full schedule here.

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Baltimore, 3/27.  Register.
Richmond, 3/28. Register.
Arlington, 3/29. Register.

Normshield on the Road; Manage risk, not systems or data

We’ll be at all three dates talking about how organizations need to leverage the same types of reconnaissance techniques hackers are using to proactively eliminate threats and vulnerabilities.  Here’s the full abstract:

Cyber threats are unrelenting. Your security team is faced with an overwhelming amount of data as they race to find and fix vulnerabilities. Prioritization is difficult, informed decisions are nearly impossible.

Candan Bolukbas, NormShield Co-Founder & CTO, will show you how hackers conduct reconnaissance and discover weaknesses in your security infrastructure without ever touching your network. And, more importantly, how you can stop them cold. A security polymath and certified ethical hacker, Candan will share the tools of trade and you will learn how:

– Hackers leverage publicly available information to discover your security weaknesses
– you can use the same techniques hackers use to discover your security weaknesses and fix them – before hackers find them
– CISOs and other executives can have continuous visibility to the security posture and always make informed decisions
– IT security teams can prioritize their tasks and focus on fixing the riskiest vulnerabilities

The NormShield cloud platform automates finding vulnerabilities, prioritizes them and provides actionable intelligence. You reduce risk as never before possible, and at an affordable price. With NormShield, CISOs can make informed decisions with continuous visibility and measurable performance. Security teams take swift action with prioritized tasks and auto-assigned tickets.

Get your customized risk scorecard!

We’re also getting people started on their own free risk scorecards identical to the version we use for our presentation.  You can learn more about that here.