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Monitoring Your Social Reputation

Social media Reputation

Social media has become the key medium for connecting existing and/or prospective customers. It is imperative for any enterprise to use social media actively and effectively. Hackers, too, are extremely interested in social media and they use social media for fun and profit. They both publish their findings about successful hacks and plus hack into social media accounts by using various methods.

NormShield monitors your brand security reputation and your accounts in social media by keeping an eye on both your registered twitter accounts and on universal tweets including your reference strings denoting a possible intrusion.

Social Reputation

In order to activate and start to use NormShield brand watch for social media, click on the sub menu Intelligence->Brand Watch first. In order NormShield to find a possible social account defacement, official twitter accounts should be added under Social Media Accounts. Moreover, possible keywords denoting a successful hack attempt should also be entered under Keywords for Defacement, such as “hack” or “free”.

Social Reputation – NormShield monitoring twitter account defacements

Additionaly, in order NormShield to find any hack attempt or planning, possible words should be entered under Keywords for Data Leakage. These words will be searched through all the recent tweets so to give these words a perspective one or more anchor words should also be added under Anchor Words such as company’s brand name.

Social Reputation – NormShield monitoring successful and/or planned hack attempts

When NormShield finds a possible intrusion, it will immediately send email notifications including the details.

Social Reputation – Social media intrusion notification