Mergers & Acquisition

Know the cyber risk of a target company before inheriting the liability

NormShield enables you to assess and understand the cyber risk of the target company in a non-intrusive way and provide a risk-mitigation action plan before merger or acquisition to lower the transfer of cyber risk.

Get the complete picture of cyber risk

Hackers look at a company’s infrastructure from outside, so an outside-in approach is necessary to capture the complete picture. NormShield better protects a company from inheriting a cyber risk because of a merger or acquisition by showing what hackers already know about a target company.

Evaluate. Remediate. Mitigate.

NormShield helps executives understand cyber security posture and scale return on cybersecurity investments, and provides detailed technical data and recommendations to help security-information personnel remediate issues and mitigate cyber risks.


NormShield benchmarks cyber risks to better position an organization among its industry peers. With NormShield’s benchmarking tool, you can compare a  company against its industry peers or specific companies selected to better understand the cyber resilience of target company to better evaluate the M&A decision.

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Receive a free cyber risk rating and discuss your cyber risk with one of our experienced analysts.
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