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Free Intelligence Service

Free Intelligence Service


NormShield Cyber Intelligence service continuously monitors potential cyber threats globally and has started to publish freely phishing fraudulent domain names abused actively by ransomware malware operators starting from June 1 2016. The first phase aims to handle threats specific to Turkey, however, the focus will be shifted to other countries soon.

NormShield Cyber Intelligence reputation service which produces early warnings against phishing and ransomware attacks notifies institutions and employees before they fall prey to successful hacks.

Free Intelligence Service

In order to take advantage of this free service by NormShield it would be more than enough to fill out the simple online form at The applications are examined in two hours by NormShield autorities and approved  graciously.

The intelligence data is served both in txt and stix formats and therefore are ready to be consumed by DNS servers and security appliances. In turn the institution will be protected against these threats automatically.

Free reputation service executes 4 times per day in order to detect phishing and fraudulent domain names. For more information about The NormShield Cyber Intelligence services you can visit

About NormShield

NormShield provides comprehensive Security-as-a-Service solutions focused on cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and continuous perimeter monitoring. We harvest cyber threat data from multiple sources and provide actionable intelligence to our customers so they can take preventive measures.

Technology quickly changes and evolves, so does the security posture of a system. Keeping a system secure is a difficult task. NormShield makes this task easier with its turnkey cloud or on-premise platforms enabling companies to detect and stop potential cyber threats early.