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Data Leakage Monitoring

Data Leakage

Data Leakage; Data is the most valuable asset that companies own and needs to be protected from the attackers. Data leakage can trigger disclosure of sensitive information, identity theft, and financial loss. Sensitive information can be used by hackers for future attacks. It may cause a serious problem if one of your employees PII is stolen and publicly shared.

Data Leakage

Data Leakage Monitoring continuously scans most famous hacking and breach sites to find out any financial information, credit cards, personally identifiable information (PII), SSN, IP / Domain address, e-mail, password, username and information related to the intellectual property. Customers can use this information to take a quick action before hackers and other cyber criminals use it.

Once the possible data leakage incident detected alert will be generated and customer will be notified by NormShield.