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Cyber Risk Scorecard: A Compact View to Your Cyber Security Posture

cyber security scorecard posture

Is there a way to see your cyber risk in a compact report? Yes there is, it is called cyber risk scorecard. Many companies use public and private tools to assess their cyber risk, but it requires processing of data gathered from many different sources and analysis and contextualization ın order to convert data to intelligence. The resulting report is usually difficult to read and contains to much technical data.

What is cyber risk scorecard?

A cyber risk scorecard measures a company’s security posture by assessing risk in different categories. It provides a high-level compact report for C-level executives by using letter grades and easy-to-read scores. It can easily be used for implementation of strategy. Data enrichment is also important to see deeper information for SOC and IR teams to get actionable take outs.

What is cyber risk?

To better assess the cyber risk, you have to see what hackers see about your company. Besides some well-known risks that can be determined by using internal controls, some information cannot be gathered internally. For instance, if a fraudulent domain name that contains your brand name alike is registered, you may be aware of that after it is used for phishing and many customers’/employees’ credentials are leaked. However, a good cyber risk scorecard will also detect fraud domains even they become used for scams. This type of proactive measurements will save the company’s reputation before a bad incident happen.

Scoring your company risk with a cyber risk scorecard in terms of:

  • Safeguard (Are your patches uptodate? How secure are your applications, websites, and cloud?),
  • Privacy (What hackers talk about your company in hacker forums and social network? Any leaked credentials of your employees? Are there any information related to your company disclosed? How strong is your SSL/TLS?),
  • Resiliency (What is the attack surface that a hacker can leverage? How resilient is your network, email systems, and DNS? Is your company resilient against DDoS attacks), and
  • Reputation (Are any of your assets blacklisted? Are there any fraudulent domains and applications that can be used for scams by using your company? How trustable is your brand name?)

…is quite important to understand the security posture and to see return on investment. Learn your cyber score instantly before hackers discover what you can discover with cyber risk scorecard.