Cyber Insurance

Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard

Knowing the probable financial impact of a data breach is a game-changer in the cyber insurance market

Cyber insurance underwriters, carriers, reinsurers, brokers and risk managers assess cyber risk of organizations to better evaluate the conditions covered by the policy. NormShield can provide an instant, cost-effective cyber risk score for any company during the cyber insurance underwriting process.

Identify Cyber Risk in 60 seconds

NormShield® can evaluate the cyber risk of any company in 60 seconds. Cyber insurers can enjoy this fast-tracked and easy-to-understand cyber risk assessment to ease cyber insurance underwriting procedures. This capability provides a cost-effective instant cyber risk assessment for high volumes of prospects.

Benchmark with Industry Peers

NormShield® provides high-level benchmarking to compare a company against its industry peers or specific companies selected. It enables cyber insurers to effectively reflect policyholder’s cyber risk to insurance premiums.

Protect Policyholders

Cyber insurers can protect their policyholders from possible cyber attacks by sharing NormShield’s cyber risk findings with policyholders. The detailed, drill-down technical data and recommendations help direct efforts to security information personnel, remediate issues and mitigate cyber risks.

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