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Vulnerability Scanners vs. Cyber Risk Scoring Solutions

“Why would I need a cyber risk scoring solution when I already have a vulnerability scanner?” We get this question a lot. Cyber Risk Scoring Solutions such as NormShield Scorecards are in high demand to see what hackers see when they look at your network. These solutions are new in the cybersecurity marketplace and many […]

By 2020, More Than 3,500 New Phishing Domains will be Active, Targeting 50 Major Banks

The European Central Bank (ECB) website was hacked in August by an unknown group in the hope of being able to conduct phishing attacks. The hack has been utilized for phishing exercises, whereby adversaries attempt to acquire sensitive data or cash through misdirection. The financial industry is one of the top targets of hackers using […]
Major Third-Party Data Breaches Revealed in August 2019

Major Third-Party Data Breaches Revealed in August 2019

A recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute reveals that 59% of companies have experienced a third-party breach in 2018, which is an increase of 3% compared to the previous year. Data breaches caused by third parties cost millions of dollars to large companies and devastating to small businesses. Third-parties are those companies that support […]
GitHub Account of Canonical (Ubuntu Maker) Hacked; Cyber Risk & Third-Party Code-Sharing Sites

GitHub Account of Canonical (Ubuntu Maker) Hacked; Cyber Risk & Third-Party Code-Sharing Sites

A third-party code sharing site was part of the latest breach. On July 6, the GitHub account of Canonical Ltd was hacked. Canonical is well-known for developing the famous Ubuntu Linux Distribution. The accounts on third-party code-sharing sites like GitHub may reveal critical information to adversaries when they are hacked. In a public announcement, Ubuntu […]
Worst Passwords of 2018

It’s Time To Change Your Password – Worst Passwords of 2018

By Joshua Belk, NormShield Security Team Every year these lists are published and for good reason. Many people don’t take the time to update the default settings or simply reuse the same password for everything. These are the Top 25 Worst Passwords from 2018 based on over 5 million leaked passwords.[1] Avoid them and protect […]

How To Measure What Hackers Know About You

Companies invest in cyber security to protect themselves against cyber attacks. They get cyber security products/solutions from SIEM solutions, SOC services to Firewalls, IPS/IDS devices, etc. to detect and remediate cyber incidents. With all these security measures, how safe are you? Is there a way to measure it? Or in other words, is it possible […]
Magecart attackers

An Attack on 3rd-Party Advertising Company Increased Cyber Risk of European E-Commerce Sites

A malicious code injected to a third-party Javascript of an advertising agency targets credit card information of online shoppers at European-based e-commerce sites. Many websites leverage Javascripts to track their visitors, collect analytics, etc. So, use of a Javascript library of an advertising agency is not uncommon. External Javascripts that run at your website pose […]
Top 3 Types of Third Party Caused a Data Breach

Top 3 Types of Third Party Caused a Data Breach

3rd-party (aka supply-chain) cyber attacks were one of the main reasons for major data breaches in 2018.  As NormShield, we regularly monitor, list, and analyze third-party data breaches. In our recent report, NormShield Major Third-Party Data Breaches of 2018, we provide a  recap of 3rd-party data breaches that hit the news in 2018. Third-party breaches […]
The 10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution

Normshield Recognized on The 10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution Providers List

Normshield Recognized by CIOReview Magazine on 10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution Providers List of 2018. “CIOReview has shortlisted the most cutting-edge solutions that offer tailor-made and efficient solutions for cybersecurity”. The annual list consists of 10 companies at the forefront of providing cybersecurity solutions and impacting the industry. CIO Review featured Normshield’s unique capability of […]
Black Friday Special

Black Friday Special: Potential Phishing Sites Have Quadrupled in The Last 6 Months

Every year, Black Friday shopping shift to online stores rather than conducting old traditions such as camping just outside of the stores and rushing to gates. Online stores are easier to shop, search among different types of items, and get the Black Friday Specials. While “less in-store shopping on Black Friday” becomes a trend, US […]