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Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain -3: Fraud Detection

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain; Fraud is one of the ancient thing in human history. As there is always people who is fraudulent, there is also people who defrauded. The money e.g. credit cards are well-known targets for being targeted by fraudulent activities. With the development of e-marketing sector, the count of fraudulent activities […]

Machine Learning, Cyber Incident Forecasting

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain -2: Rating and Incident Forecasting

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain; Before starting to explain how rating and forecasting mechanism works and which machine learning algorithms can be used in it, we want to give you brief introduction about why we need cyber security rating, where it can be used in real world, and how these informations can be useful […]

Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain -1: Fundamentals

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain; In recent years, attackers have been developing more sophisticated ways to attack systems. Thus, recognizing these attacks is getting more complicated in time. Most of the time, network administrators were not capable to recognize these attacks effectively or response quickly. Therefore, there is a lot of software has been […]

Free Intelligence Service

Free Intelligence Service

NORMSHIELD FREE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE AGAINST CYBER THREATS! NormShield Cyber Intelligence service continuously monitors potential cyber threats globally and has started to publish freely phishing fraudulent domain names abused actively by ransomware malware operators starting from June 1 2016. The first phase aims to handle threats specific to Turkey, however, the focus will be shifted to […]

Botnet Detection, Malicious Javascript Code

Botnet Detection

Botnet Detection; Criminals often use trojans to infect a large number of computers for creating their zombie or bot networks. These bot or zombie computers form a network named botnet. As a keylogger, botnets are being used to steal a wide range of information, including tens of thousands of login credentials, generally for financial accounts, […]

NormShield Threat Vulnerability Orchestration

Unified Vulnerability Management

Unified Vulnerability Management; Security professionals usually apply penetration testing once a year but there are ~13000 new vulnerabilities discovered every year. Besides developers deploy new applications almost every month, 20K+ personally identifiable information (PII) leaks every week, hundreds of hackers scan every single possible port on entire Internet every day! Even a small mistake or […]

Social media Reputation

Social Network Monitoring

Social networking sites can be considered as an innovation in social connectivity. In general, social networking sites are used for good reasons: people keep in touch with loved ones and friends, sharing important moments of their life and marketing for their business etc. However, hackers, criminals, and other dishonest actors are abusing this capability for […]

Data Leakage

Data Leakage Monitoring

Data Leakage; Data is the most valuable asset that companies own and needs to be protected from the attackers. Data leakage can trigger disclosure of sensitive information, identity theft, and financial loss. Sensitive information can be used by hackers for future attacks. It may cause a serious problem if one of your employees PII is stolen […]

Normshield Agent

Normshield Integrate with that SIEM

NormShield on-premises is a Unified Vulnerability Management (UVM) tool that helps companies to manage their technical vulnerabilities which is a very complex task in our scarce ITSec professional existing world. Since the SOCs are popular and important to corporate security, one of the slick features that NormShield UVM has is the ability to deferentially communicate […]

normshield manage risk

NormShield is Hiring ASP.NET MVC Developers

NormShield needs junior or senior level web developers with ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework skills. The position is for ongoing web interfaces of NormShield cloud and intranet version development. The prospective employees will have the chance to work in an ongoing project in a team of expert developers for corporate end-users. Please send your applications to […]