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The Basics

The Basics

The Basics; Here are some of the key points that NormShield is here to help on your journey of struggling with vulnerabilities; The ability to define and prioritize your assets with the granularity of IP (public and private, yes your DMZ/Intranet IP addresses if you wish so), domain, sub-domain, URL and sub-URL The ability to […]

cms vulnerability

Normalization Of Vulnerability Nomenclature

Finding a vulnerability and naming a vulnerability are two different phenomena. Finding a high-profile high-severity vulnerability requires a clever mind, diligence and of course experience. However, finding an expressive and good name for that vulnerability requires other abilities, that’s for sure. Normalization Of Vulnerability Nomenclature There are many security vulnerability names that don’t really express […]

Security Follows Business

Security Follows Business. And That’s OK

Security Follows Business; Services dynamically evolve with changes, production deployments, application of patches and configuration tweaks. These modifications directly or indirectly affect the stability and security, hence vulnerabilities might be introduced. Periodic and continuous security scans should prevent such vulnerabilities lingering around for a long time for an attacker to take advantage of. Security Follows […]