2017 February Archive
Threat Hunting Meetup

Threat Hunting For SOC Analysts-Meetup

Threat Hunting & SOC Analyst; The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the focal point for safeguarding against cyber-related incidents, monitoring security, and protecting assets of the enterprise network and endpoints. Threat Hunters are responsible for enterprise situational awareness and continuous surveillance, including monitoring traffic, blocking unwanted traffic to and from the Internet, and detecting any […]
machine learning

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain – 6: False Alarm Rate Reduction

Machine Learning False Alarm Rate Reduction; In some cases, IDS / IPS Systems may classify an event correctly or falsely. Classified events are evaluated in four categories in literature. True Positives (TP): intrusive and anomalous, False Negatives (FN): Not intrusive and not anomalous, False Positives (FP): not intrusive but anomalous, True Negatives (TN): Intrusive but […]
Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Domain – 5: Captcha Bypassing

Machine Learning Captcha Bypassing; Before we explain how captcha mechanism can be bypassed, we want to give you a brief introduction about what captcha mechanism is and how it works. The main purpose of captcha mechanism is to provide secure authentication for users with asking some questions which are easy for human, however tough for […]