2015 February Archive
Fraudulent Domains

Catch Fraudulent Domains with NormShield

Fraudulent Domains; Sophisticated, spear or not, phishing attacks include registered domain names similar to yours and leverage these fraudulent domain names in order to better persuade victims who are trusting your company’s brand. It is easy to find unregistered domain names similar to yours with name generator services like NameMesh. Misspellings and typos in domain […]
Graphics Needs Satisfied

Graphics Needs Satisfied

Graphics Needs Satisfied; One of the most important yet difficult areas of information security is to show the value of it. Upon an incident the information security awareness is on crest. On the other hand when everything goes smooth and there isn’t any known incidents the awareness slope approaches to, well, not zero maybe but […]
Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard

Express Yourself by Comparing Vulnerabilities

Express Yourself by Comparing Vulnerabilities; Penetration tests result in reports, that’s the usual output. But when having more than one penetration tests, it’s not that frequent to have a report comparing vulnerabilities found previously/after. In NormShied you can easily produce comparison reports aiming exactly this in seconds. The idea is to see newly found vulnerabilities […]